Neurodevelopmental disorders often show up in early childhood, usually before primary school begins, and can present throughout the individual’s life. They are developmental deficits that can affect a person’s emotions, memory, ability to learn, socialize and maintain self-control. They can be limited in nature, for instance to learning, or the deficits can be more serious and affect the overall intelligence or social skills.

Neurodevelopmental Disorder Treatments Cape Town

The category of neurodevelopmental disorders include the following conditions:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • Communication disorders

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Tic disorders

  • Learning disorders

It’s not unusual for these disorders to co-exist in an individual as well.

While there are no known cures for neurodevelopmental disorders, medication and therapy treatments do exist that can help both children and adults manage their disorders. Dr. Kerryn Armstrong’s goal is to help you learn about neurodevelopmental disorders and to offer you support in managing your or your child’s neurodevelopmental disorder symptoms. She has in-depth, trusted, up-to-date information on the diagnosis, causes and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adults and strives to improve the quality of life of each of her patients.